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mukwano earrings

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Made from 100% recycled sterling silver and adorned with various beads made of wood, stone and/or ceramic, our Mukwano Earrings are sleek and classic and can easily be dressed up or down. 

Mukwano is the Luganda word for friend. We chose this name because Awava had many friends lend a hand in the evolution of these amazing new gems. Kylie Grater of Early Jewelry worked with founder Kate von Achen on jewelry design and technique, and even helped her figure out what to buy to get this new program started. The original stones used on the Mukwano earrings were given to Kate by Glenna Gordon two years ago before leaving Uganda. Glenna actually also gave Awava its name! 

Since the various gem stones we have for the Mukwano earrings are hard to find in Uganda, the earrings will all be limited edition. And since so many friends lent a helping hand in this jewelry revolution each "sub-style" is named after friends of Awava!

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